“Execu-Teen is An Advanced Executive Training Session For Teens & Young Adults”

About the Program
Execu-Teen Advanced Training sessions are designed to be a positive teen training experience which will ignite, encourage and inspire you to achieve your dreams and build a strong foundation for your career success now!
For ages 13 – 19 year olds.

Kids with Big Dreams


“Where children learn and have fun!”
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About the Program
Kids with Big Dreams is an exciting after school camp.  This program is for children K – 5th grade and is held at The Academy of Excellence (Pacific Church building). The program begins in September, 2016 and is designed to inspire children and provide a place for them to learn and have fun!KidswBigDreamsFlyer MASTER 2016

CMB Theater Production Company

The Carolyn Michele Baumgart Theater Company (CMB), is a non-profi1148924742yuNqD2[1]t group of actors, actresses, technicians, backstage assistants and many other working together to bring to life message driven stories to the stage and screen.  The CMB Production Group was founded by Carolyn Michele Baumgart (birth name) to give meaning to the lives of those that seem to have seemingly no real significance to those in the world around them. The motivation for this purpose for CMB is based on the founders own amazing story of survival as a throw away child with no apparent significant future.   That view of Carolyn was proven wrong.  (Click here to read the Carolyn Michele Baumgart Story)

More Than Musicals or Just Plays… These Are Productions Of Substance. Through the efforts of this dynamic group of gifted and talented collaborates, produ10124585-two-businessmen-looking-into-an-illuminated-cardboard-boxctions such as the annual presentation of the Christmas musical about the birth of Jesus Christ called, “A Gospel Christmas”. The highly acclaimed and moving portrayal of slavery to salient American life through the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the annual presentations of “The Dream”, along with a myriad of One Scene Plays sm (O.S.P.s) included “Mary, Martha – Mary, Martha”, “So You Wanna Fight”, “The Alabaster Box Woman”, and “A Gospel Christmas”, all presented in various venues throughout the year through the efforts of The CMB Theater Production Company.

Opportunities & Assistance Awaits Aspiring Theater Participants… Professional 13113446562g4r31[1]Actors, Directors, Producers and many others along with fresh start theater volunteers work together to bring insight and understanding the world of on stage and on set productions.

Upcoming Show Schedule

“A Gospel Christmas!” – December 2013 @ Pacific Center – Tacoma, WA

“The Dream 2014″ Coming February 2014 @ Renton Civic Theater – Renton, WA  (More details soon…)

Many volunteers are provided training by professionals in the field of theater through various training classes and workshops provided throughout the year for the participants.

CMB Theater Production Group1236079662Ap1z6M[1]

CMB Theater Group A Division of Northco Development Inc. P.O. Box 531 Renton, WA 98057

Founder – Artistic Director / Playwright Kathy Lynette (Hill) Shorter (Born – Carolyn Michele Baumgart) CMB Theater Productions To inquire about details on the CMB Theater Company Email: CMBProductions@yahoo.com

First Ladies Boutique

First Ladies’ Boutique is a non-profit agency with a vision of helping women in transition; women who are in the the process of obtaining a better lifestyle. Many are welfare recipients who are seeking employment, or displaced homemakers, looking for their first job after many years. Some are women who are planning to re-enter the work-force after serving a correctional sentence. Whatever their current circumstance, everyone knows, today’s job market is highly competitive for even the most advantaged candidate.


Women’s Conversation Center

A Professional Women’s Counseling Service

“Can we TALK?”

The Women’s Conversation Center sm was designed with women just like you in mind…

At the Women’s Conversation Center we understand the need to have someone to talk to before making important decisions in life. Whether you are contemplating marriage, looking for pre-marital counseling, making a career move, need self esteem building, help with weight management or simply need assistance in coping with recent personal /family issues, we can help.

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to, that’s why we simply say…


Real Dads In America

Men standing for Excellence Expecting Great Changes in America’s Cities

The Vision It is commonly said that it takes an entire village to raise a child. The vision of REAL DADS in America is to utilize committed volunteer Real Dads in America’s cities to help mentor youth to better and more successful lives and careers.

REAL DADS in America has a goal of recruiting, training and securing REAL DADS in America’s cities to help to be the catalyst for change in the lives of American youth looking for something much more than disappointments, despair and degradation in their lives. These volunteer men are committed to strong, traditional family and moral values with a vision of living their lives as role models with integrity before the youth in their communities where they volunteer.



weddingringsDon and Kathy have been prepared, with over 40 years of successful traditional marriage and family experience, and are known for sharing their fun, entertaining and insightful life stories, that will keep you smiling and laughing, along with delivering great practical marriage tips to help you to learn and grow, at every session.

Kathy is a Board Certified Counselor through the American Association of Christian Counselors, (AACC), specializing in child and family issues as well as military family stress issues.

Don is an experienced counselor and couples trainer, and has counseled and assisted thousands of men, women and married couples as a pastor and teacher for nearly 25 years. Don holds a Doctorate of Ministry Degree, and specializes in family ministry. It will be an entertaining time of discovery and enlightenment involving the biblical foundations for a successful marriage, family and home life and military family stresses, including P.T.S.D. and P.R.F.D. (Post Reaction Family Disorder).


Future Artist Association

Future Artist Association

Inspiring students of the arts through… Music, Stage, Screen & Visual Artistic Expressions

  • Read About The Founder of Future Artist Assocation A True Story Click Here
  • Read below about what we do through the Future Artist programs
  • For Corporate Sponsorship Information email us at: NorthcoDevelopment@yahoo.com
  • To get a registration packet emailed to you for your student email us at: iamafutureartist@yahoo.com


Northco’s Vision

For over 15 years, Northco Development Inc. has presented its unique and proven programs to help to develop successful life skill sets in individuals and to help build up communities.

This non-profit corporation continues to assist various diverse people groups through outreaches, domestic assistance programs and coordinated partnering projects. Through partnering with a variety of other respected humanitarian agencies in the United States and around the world, together, Northco Development Inc. along with our partners and financial supporters are helping to meet the growing needs of those in crisis on a daily basis


Future Aviators


“Featuring Life Skills Training and Lots of Fun Through Aviation”
Register today! Visit www.FutureAviatorsInAmerica.org to register and for more details.
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About the Program
Future Aviators In America is designed to identify, motivate and direct students into successful career choices through a myriad inspirational aviation events.  The Future Aviators events are designed for students from 3rd – 12th grades, each with a passion for aviation or aerospace.  Each event involves the application of science, technology, engineering and math which surrounds aviation.

Aviation Camp