weddingringsDon and Kathy have been prepared, with over 40 years of successful traditional marriage and family experience, and are known for sharing their fun, entertaining and insightful life stories, that will keep you smiling and laughing, along with delivering great practical marriage tips to help you to learn and grow, at every session.

Kathy is a Board Certified Counselor through the American Association of Christian Counselors, (AACC), specializing in child and family issues as well as military family stress issues.

Don is an experienced counselor and couples trainer, and has counseled and assisted thousands of men, women and married couples as a pastor and teacher for nearly 25 years. Don holds a Doctorate of Ministry Degree, and specializes in family ministry. It will be an entertaining time of discovery and enlightenment involving the biblical foundations for a successful marriage, family and home life and military family stresses, including P.T.S.D. and P.R.F.D. (Post Reaction Family Disorder).


Northco’s Vision

For over 15 years, Northco Development Inc. has presented its unique and proven programs to help to develop successful life skill sets in individuals and to help build up communities.

This non-profit corporation continues to assist various diverse people groups through outreaches, domestic assistance programs and coordinated partnering projects. Through partnering with a variety of other respected humanitarian agencies in the United States and around the world, together, Northco Development Inc. along with our partners and financial supporters are helping to meet the growing needs of those in crisis on a daily basis


Future Aviators


“Featuring Life Skills Training and Lots of Fun Through Aviation”
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About the Program
Future Aviators In America is designed to identify, motivate and direct students into successful career choices through a myriad inspirational aviation events.  The Future Aviators events are designed for students from 3rd – 12th grades, each with a passion for aviation or aerospace.  Each event involves the application of science, technology, engineering and math which surrounds aviation.

Aviation Camp

Excellence In Business

Featuring training in 4 excellent business areas!

Whether you are simply looking to network with other business minded entrepreneurs or get training from our Excellence In Business seminars, there is something for you.

Some of our events include “All About His Business” luncheon, or our Excellence In Business Employment and management team training, preparing you to meet employers at the next EIB “Job On The Spot ( J.O.T.S.) event. Or you may need the training from our EIB “Business Outside The Box” seminars. And remember, EIB also has help for teenagers wanting to get ahead in the business world through the “Excu-Teen” Training courses..

Simply email us about your interest in any one of our four excellent business areas, and get ready to Excel In Business!  Email: Our next Excellence In Business “Business Outside Of The Box” seminar coming April 2014  (Come back for more details and the location to be announced shortly…)