First Ladies Boutique

First Ladies’ Boutique is a non-profit agency with a vision of helping women in transition; women who are in the the process of obtaining a better lifestyle. Many are welfare recipients who are seeking employment, or displaced homemakers, looking for their first job after many years. Some are women who are planning to re-enter the work-force after serving a correctional sentence. Whatever their current circumstance, everyone knows, today’s job market is highly competitive for even the most advantaged candidate.

First Ladies’ Boutique is assisting women to increase the opportunity for success once they are ready for their initial job interview. From around the nation successful women donate top quality clothing and accessories to First Ladies’ Boutique to help increase career possibilities for these women in transition. First Ladies’ Boutique works closely with local State and Federal agencies receiving referrals of women who have completed their job training programs. Once they have received skill development training, resume writing techniques and interviewing skills, First Ladies’ Boutique steps in the to help polish their outward appearance. Only women who have successfully completed a State, Federal or privately funded job training program will receive donation of a top of-the-line out fit from First Ladies’ Boutique.

If you are a woman in transition, or if you are a First Lady who would like to participate in this project please contact us at (253)539-2721, for donation or training information.