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Future Artist Association

Inspiring students of the arts through… Music, Stage, Screen & Visual Artistic Expressions

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  • For Corporate Sponsorship Information email us at: NorthcoDevelopment@yahoo.com
  • To get a registration packet emailed to you for your student email us at: iamafutureartist@yahoo.com

The Future Artists are expanding with the newFuture Artist… Community TouringChoir!

Sign up your child today to be part of the learning and fun with the new Future Artist Association Community Touring Choir as part our on stage program.

Future Artist Association (formerly Kathi’s Creative Kids) is a IRS recognized 501 C-3 community based program all gift are tax deducible and appreciated.

Parents… To receive SIGN UP INFORMATION FOR YOUR YOUTH for the many Future Artist Association’s commuinty Programs email us for a complete registration and information packet. Fill it out and email it back for possible approval of your youth to become a part of Future Artist Association family. Email today at iamafutureartist@yahoo.com (253) 566-7497

Artistic expression is just the beginning!

The Future Artist Association is a community based program that is here for youth and their families, with dedicated, screened volunteers and staff here to draw the creativity and ability of youth to its highest potential utilizing the arts; music, stage, screen and visual artistic expressions all designed to inspire youth toward increased learning desires for their future.

Here is how our programs help develop creativity and learning skills:

● Self Esteem Training and creativity expression through inspiration in the areas of the arts; music, stage, screen and visual artistic expressions
● Training In The Artistic bent of your child… While providing Tutoring in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M. areas) as they relate to
artistic expressions
● Technical Hands On Training for youth involving acting, on stage productions, television producing, motion picture development, visual artistry skills
● Music and academic learning and activities in a fun, safe atmosphere

Future Artist Q & A?

What is The Cost?
Corporate and private donations are needed. We simply ask that parents or guardian make a regular monthly donation of a suggested amount per child at the door when dropping of your student or online at http://www.northcodevelopment.org/donations.htm

Is there anything I need to do?
Email Future Artist today at iamafutureartist@yahoo.com for a registration or register your student, fill out the registration and return it to Future Artist for approval for your student to be accepted into the Future Artist program. Once your student is accepted you will receive emailed instructions on the next step to helping your Future Artist to get involved in our various programs.

Why this program?
This is a genuine program to help children to succeed and excel in life, this is not a baby sitting program. This program is designed to excite your child about learning and to help them to learn great social skills in a Faith Based environment. Our desire is to help your child to become all that they were born to become through creativity and inspiration to excel in their natural bent in life.

At the Future Artist Assocition, we believe a students is an opportunity. We are to help give that opportunity, maybe an opportunity you didn’t have.

Who are our staff and volunteers?
They vary in their professions. Some are teachers, business owner’s, homemakers, college students and our professional staff and the list goes on. All staff and volunteers have received a Washington State Patrol Background Check and are citizens concerned for our children’s safety and well being, and are from various multicultural backgrounds. Students in higher grades, 3rd, 4th & 5th grades, are qualified to participate in our technical programs including the Future Aviators Association training program. This arm of the Kathi’s Kids program focuses on inspiring students to excel in math, science, and reading along with developing strong self discipline skills to help students to be prepared for a future career of their choice.

How does my student get to the location, and where are you located?
Studenst must be dropped off to our programs and signed in for certain specific program. The programs begin at various time and day however, most programs occur mainly on Saturdays. Refer to our web site for specific information about your student’s program.

Our 4 main locations are at these facilities:

* The Academy of Excellence (Next to the Pierce County Library Administration Building), 3211 – 112th Street East, Tacoma WA 98446,
* The Renton Civic Theater 507 3rd Street Renton, WA 98057
* City View 255 Hardie Avenue SW Renton WA 98057
* The South Tacoma Hope Center (Next to the STAR Community Center) 3875 South 66th Street Tacoma, WA 98409

Email for more details and directions at iamafutureartist@yaho.com or call our office at (253) 566-7497

Registration forms must be requested via email, filled out and and completed then email back for approval for any of the Future Artist program for your student to participate in any of these programs. These programs are designed for students in 3rd – 9th grade (some age requirements may be waived on a case by case basis). Our staff will periodically plan meetings for parents to attend to keep them informed of what is happening with their students these meetings are held on a required attendance basis for parents and or guardians for students continued participation.

Online gifts can be made through Northco Development Inc. a 501 c-3 recognized nonprofit organization under the Internal Revenue Code.

To make your donation for Future Artist programs simply Click Here.

Note: Be sure to print out and bring your emailed receipt with you for proof your donation.

For more information call (253) 566-7497or email iamafutureartist@yahoo.com

Future Artist Association
Inspiring students of the arts through… Music, Stage, Screen & Visual Artistic Expressions
P.O. Box 531
Renton, WA 98057