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Blue Angels New Plane #7Students! FUTURE AVIATORS FLYING DAY is coming again soon… Check back for details on the next Future Aviators event. Welcome to our newest Future Aviation partners…

  • B.E.F.A.! The Boeing Employees Flying Association!
  • The Museum of Flight
  • WorldWind Helicopters Inc.
  • Sam’s Clubs

Thank you Future Aviator corporate aviation partners for making our most recent Future Aviators Flying Day at the Renton Municipal Airport a complete success!

vision_mission[1]A special thank you to The Boeing Employees Flying association, The Museum of Flight and the Blue Angels along with WorldWind Helicopters

Thank you corporate sponsors for your partnership with the Future Aviators programs, designed to insp

ire S.T.E.M. learning areas for students through the introduction of aviation & aerospace.

Future Aviators Association (F.A.A.) is designed to inspire 3rd through 9th grade youth with a desire to pursue aviation, to begin early to work toward their dreams. These young “Wanna-Be” pilots most likely would

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never have an opportunity to be trained in the aviation industry due to their “At Risk” living environment and lack of financial support required to fulfill the vision for a future aviation career.

Hey, I believe I can fly!”

Future Aviators (F.A.s) program are encouraged to have fun and work hard at a young age to sharpen their piloting skills that will be used as future aviators by excelling in science, technology, engineering, and math (S.T.E.M. training), plus listening skills and being very self disciplined. These training skills help each student throughout their lives to become educated, productive, contributing citizens in their communities.

Selected students are invited to be part of the fun at “The Future Aviators Day” for youth. Each student is trained on elementary aircraft operations and piloting skills and are taken on a sponsor provided introductory airplane training flight to learn first hand how aircraft applied science works in the air!

Private Jet Parked on Tarmac

Contact us today to schedule the Future Aviators Crew to land by helicopter at your school to present an assembly for your entire student body! Learn just how fun science, technology, engineering and math can be, up close and at your campus. For booking and information email us @ ibeliveicanfly@futureavaitors.com.

Students and parents of children in 3rd – 9th grades and beyond!  Plan to attend the next Future Aviators Session call or email today…

Join us for the upcoming Future Aviators Flying Day for free airplane rides, great food, and lots of fun learning about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math while flying through the sky!

Students learning the importance of aerodynamics… Tour Air Traffic Control Tower, Airport FBOs, Aircraft Manufacturing and Training Facilities, Military Operation Airports and much more…

Each Future Aviator is given an opportunity to experience the real world of aviation with real pilots provided through the help of the Future Aviator’s volunteer Commercial Pilot Pool (C.P.P).   Each student participates in basic elementary flight training, aviation industry tours, introductory flights and may be approved to participate in chaperoned missions through various nonprofit humanitarian agencies such as Aircraft-On-A-Mission, and other agencies as they learn about aviation’s vital part in today’s society.

The annual Future Aviators “Flying Days” are held each year for selected students to give them a full view of what a Future Aviator will one day be able to accomplish. Each student is provided with special prizes and aviation sample study material, a free flight bag and kneeboard and educational flight software provided by various corporate sponsors and aircraft owners.

Donations of airplane and helicopter flight time as well as supplies and valuable aviation internships serve to enhance the Future Aviators programs and are tax deductible gifts that help Future Aviators to assist the nonprofit program’s effectiveness immensely. The programs are presented in the Seattle / Tacoma in Washington state as well as Portland, Oregon.

Your donation of seldomly used aircraft or financial gifts can help youth with a vision for aviation to succeed. Through corporate or private donations these excellent educational programs can continue to be offered to youth that would not have an opportunity to reach for the sky in learning and achieving.

Thank you in advance for your help in making the efforts of the Future Aviators Association Programs a high flying success!

 Click here to visit the Future Aviators web site:  www.FutureAviators.com


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To help sponsor an event or assembly or to sign up for the next Future Aviators Flying Day or to book a school assembly contact us right away!

Future Aviators Association Northco Development Inc. PO Box 531 Renton, Washington 98507 (235) 566-7497