Don and Kathy have been prepared, with over 35 years of successful marriage and family experience, and are known for sharing their fun, entertaining and insightful life stories, that will keep you smiling and laughing, along with delivering great practical marriage tips to help you to learn and grow, at every session. Kathy is a Board Certified Counselor through the American Association of Christian Counselors, (AACC), specializing in child and family issues as well as military family stress issues. Don is an experienced counselor and couples trainer, and has counseled and assisted thousands of men, women and married couples as a pastor and teacher for nearly 25 years. Don holds a Doctorate of Ministry Degree, and specializes in family ministry. It will be an entertaining time of discovery and enlightenment involving the biblical foundations for a successful marriage, family and home life and military family stresses, including P.T.S.D. and P.R.F.D. (Post Reaction Family Disorder). These sessions are designed for those that are exploring marriage plans in the near future or those looking to enhance their present marriage relationships. These reflective sessions are designed especially to help married couples in search of vital, biblical answers to many of the marriage questions couples often ask. Now purchase over 35 years of marriage experience available on downloadable Podcasts! Don & Kathy’s Shorter’s PresentsThe Marriage Menders”sm Heavenly Marriage Tips Podcasts. Just click below to download! Heavenly Marriage Tips Podcast Vignettes Includes These Topics : • Raising Children… (While staying married) • The Little Things That Matter…(All of them) • Toothpaste On The Counter… (Again and again etc., etc., etc.) • What Does Burnt Toast For Breakfast Really Means To Me? • Where Were You? (For the last 10 minutes) • The In-Law Invasions… (What shall I do?) • Did You See her/him Look At You? (Trust in our relationship) • Married Yet Alone Again… (Lonely lovers living in the same home alone) To invest into your marriage or relationship click on the desired topic above and simply follow the downloading instructions. Funny Entertaining Informative Practical Humorous Don and Kathy have been married for nearly four decades through their proven tips and experience you too can extend the joy and add Fun back into your marriage… Check back for frequent updates and enjoy a Heavenly marriage! Don and Kathy Shorter Visit “The Marriage Menders”