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Attend the next Many Mansions Real Estate Education Institute Seminar… Coming Soon!

The Many Mansions Education Program is designed to assist individuals that desire to own their own home or property, with the nuts and bolts of property or home ownership.

Education, negotiation and consultation services are offered to individuals and families in need of understanding the Real Estate purchasing process, Foreclosures or Mortgage lending processes. Referrals, education, and selected interventions are available on a case by case basis, as requested based on needs.

Referral assistance is available in understanding No Down Payment purchases, Selling Cash-Flow Notes to receive cash, Owner Contract purchases, and assistance or understanding of loan processing for consumers looking to purchase their first home or even investment property. Those attending one of the Many Mansions Real Estate Education Sessions will receive a wealth of Education and Information on how Real Estate ownership works. Faith Based consultation appointments are available at the discretion of the staff of Many Mansions upon request for certain categories of need in some cases.

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