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I AM A MAN - Youth Mens Lifestyle Develoment Program

Some students are just not ready to learn yet…

It is true, sometimes due to faithlessness, socio-economic challenges, dysfunctional family problems, depression, discouragement, substance abuse, lack of motivation, a poor self image, emotional challenges, incorrigibility or just simply because of their family’s physical environment or living arrangements…  for some of these students, the distractions of life are just too much to bare and that makes it impossible for these otherwise brilliant students to learn.

But we can help!

“I AM A MAN” is a mentoring opportunity program of Real Dads In America with its program’s over 25 years of mentoring success and is designed for boys and young men in two age group, between 11-15 and 16 – 24 age groups, (older young adults are referred to the Real Dads In America’s ”Twenty Something” young adult training group sessions) available especially for students of color that lack the where-with-all to excel academically and in life skills, due to their systemic learning challenges that plague a vast majority of the students living in these type of conditions.  Before many students can be expected to excel in learning areas of S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, and math), they must be encouraged to succeed in simple life skills.  Through the help of the “I AM A MAN” mentors and coaches utilize the examples of the Tuskegee Airmen and other successful role models as examples of determination for excellence, as a historical and visible examples for students to use to initiate their lifestyle success makeovers from top to bottom with these young men through one on one and group training sessions.  For over 25 years the success training principles have helped student time and time again to motivate and direct youth too career success.   Subjects such as critical reasoning skills, successfull goal setting, public manners training, time management, self esteem building, vision setting skills and presentation training procedures are instilled and routinely practiced with each student to help them to excel first confidently personally, next academically, and finally vocationally in their chosen technical career pursuits, especially, but not exclusively, in the aviation field.

Students are mentored and coached through various courses, utilizing motivational techniques, technical tutoring and general academic rudiments.   Students that advance through the first two regiments of training are advanced on to the vocational training courses involving either aviation and flight or theater and stage training or computer and technical training or television and media production skills.

We believe…  in every male student there is a brilliant successful young man waiting to be trained…


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The Real Dad’s Vision

It is commonly said that it takes an entire village to raise a child. The vision of REAL DADS in America is to utilize committed volunteer Real Dads in America’s cities to help mentor youth to better and more successful lives and careers.

REAL DADS in America has a goal of recruiting, training and securing REAL DADS in America’s cities to help to be the catalyst for change in the lives of American youth looking for something much more than disappointments, despair and degradation in their lives. These volunteer men are committed to strong, traditional family and moral values with a vision of living their lives as role models with integrity before the youth in their communities where they volunteer.


Volunteer REAL DADS Will Make A Difference In Any City!

The Training
Training for these men and youth is accomplished in four phases.
· PHASE I – Vision and Commitment Meetings
· PHASE II – Intensive Lifestyle and Success Training
· PHASE III – “Pages of Life” Teen Outreach
· PHASE IV – Fathers From Above….Silence The Sirens

Mission Statement
Real Dads in America is a community based organization designed to change our cities through involvement and example. Each dad is required to display the utmost example of responsibility and excellence in all his endeavor. This program was founded with the vision of integrity and accountability in the forefront of all that these Dads do. The men are trained and committed to give freely of their services and to be a standard bearer of morale integrity without respect to compromise before the youth.


With the shocking decay in American moral values, REAL DADS was established to help youth that are falling through the cracks of decay in our Inner-Cities and suburbs into the hands of despair.
REAL DADS in America is designed to be an integral group of committed men standing for excellence and standing against violence, destruction and despair in the lives of youth in America today. REAL DADS in Americas goals are to stand in the gap of despair that youth are experiencing due to the lack of traditional family values and solid family structure.

Questions Commonly Asked

Must I be a male to be one of the REAL DADS in America to participate?
Yes! We feel that the lack of male role models has been one of the key factors on the breakdown of the moral fiber of our families in our cities. For that reason we are asking specifically for men with desire to be an example of strong moral character and a desire to see their city change for the better. However, various volunteers are utilized as well in other capacities.

What will those who volunteer for assistance be asked to do?
Volunteer assistance needs may vary relative to their expertise and the requirements of Real Dads in America events.


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Helping to make every young person to become a productive citizen in our communities.